White Dove Release Company

White dove releases for all occasions

                                   White Wing Loft

       White Dove Release


    A white dove release is a beautiful and inspiring sight.  Whether at a

joyous celebration or a more somber occasion, releasing white doves

contributes a special touch to many events.  We release our birds at

weddings signifying the bonding of the newly married. Memorials and

funerals are provided with that extra bit of closure that have helped so

many.  At Grand Openings, sporting events, birthdays, parades and

rodeos, a white dove release brings excitement to everyone there.

  Whenever a balloon release is being considered, a white dove release is

so much more environmentally friendly!

   Call us today for information on customizing a release for your event. 

We take great pride in working closely with our clients to make the most

of the release!                    



                                     Wings in flight




                            Waiting on the rain!


                          Earth Day  at Bentonville square



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