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White Dove Release 


We are a family owned business and we take great pride in the health

and happiness of our birds.  When we began our white dove release

business we did not realize the impact these beautiful white birds would

have on our family and others.  The gratification we receive from our

clients is immeasurable.  We put great thought into customizing all of

our dove releases to suit the occasion or the people we are honoring.  We

take time and patience to train our birds to return home.  It is a natural

instinct for them but they do have to be familiar with their territory to

make an optimum safe trip. There are certain conditions that the birds

will not fly in. Rain, snow and extreme weather of any sort makes for a

difficult flight and we do not risk their safety.  A full refund is always

given in case of weather cancellation.  The release has to be scheduled at

least an hour before dark, depending on the location.  No indoor releases

are possible.  For more information please contact us by phone or


Julie Robins at 479-544-3511 or whitewingloft@aol.com

One of our  white ring  neck doves wanted in the Christmas pictures!             Kelsey laughing as the other dove sits on Dad's head!