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 People often have questions about our training techniques and the birds abilities.  I will try to address some of these questions. 


 How are the doves "trained"?  We start the babies at 6 weeks of

age, at which time they learn the outside area of their loft and learn to come

into the loft when called. As they grow older we take them in small "jumps"

from home. First a hundred yards, then a half mile, one mile, etc.  They learn

very quickly and it is their natural instinct to return home.   


Do you ever lose doves? Sad to say it does happen. Not very often

because we are so careful about weather situations and locations.  We have

a certain area that our doves are familiar with, outside of this area, it takes

extra training. We always try to ensure the safety of the doves first. And we

always cancel and refund if weather is not safe for the birds.  There are

predators but these birds are very swift and surprisingly out fly any

predators time and again.