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The white dove throughout the ages has been an emblem of fidelity and

marriage.  Doves choose one partner and mate for life, being true and

faithful to each other.  At the end of the wedding ceremony, as a sign of

their life long commitment to each other, the newlyweds release two

white doves from a customized decorated basket.  The doves will fly free

from the newlyweds into the sky together--a wedded pair!  Shortly

thereafter, a flock of white doves will be released to join the pair

circling overhead.  The flock of doves symbolize the many blessings, the

love and best wishes of  family and friends.  We offer special passages

and readings to accompany your release.




A white dove release for a funeral or memorial service is symbolic of

eternal peace and offers comfort for those who have lost a loved

one. White doves create a beautiful moment in time, allowing family and

friends to say their own special good-bye. The doves are a visual symbol

of hope, offering healing and closure. At the close of the graveside

service, a family member or dear friend can release the first dove

representing the spirit of the loved one that he or she has come to

honor. Other doves are then released to unite with the first, representing

the angels in white escorting the spirit bird home. We offer special

passages and readings to accompany the release. Consider a dove release

in lieu of flowers to convey your compassion for a grieving family. We

will arrange everything in only a few minutes, coordinating the release

to provide closure and a final goodbye.

Other Occasions:

A dove release is a beautiful option for many events!  Any time a balloon

release is considered, a dove release is appropriate.  Aside from being

more environmentally friendly, the vision of the white birds heading

skyward will thrill young and old alike!  We take pride in working with

our clients and customizing our dove releases for any occasion.  We have

experience with birthdays, anniversaries, parades, rodeos and grand

openings.  Personalized releases are available for Valentines Day,

Easter, Mother and Fathers day, We also release for Memorial Day, The

Fourth of July,Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Let us turn your wonderful

day into an awe inspiring moment in time! 

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